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Let's talk about Turmat

Me enjoying some turmat during a skitour. Photo by Hermenegild.
Me enjoying some turmat during a skitour. Photo by Hermenegild.

And while we’re at it, let’s first talk about why I use the Norwegian word “turmat”. In English I’d call it “Food I eat while on a hiking, skiing or bikepacking trip”. There you have it. Turmat conveys a lot of meta-information, and there is just no equivalent in the English language. With that said, I wanted to share my successfully tested recipes with you. I’ve spent hours trying to come up with cheap and equally easy alternatives that can be prepared either by adding boiled water or cold soaking them and eaten with a spork, especially before my last ski tour. An easy alternative is to just buy premade freeze-dried meals (like RealTurmat or Summit To Eat), however, I found these rather expensive, and, because the packaging is made to also serve as your bowl, heavy. A lot of blog posts on what to eat while hiking exist, but most of these are by authors based in the US, who have access to many more options on freeze-dried food than we have here in Norway (or in the rest of Europe for that matter).

There is one very peculiar Norwegian food item that thus far I had categorically refused to try, but now heavily features in my turmat repertoire: baconost. It looks a little bit like mayonnaise in a tube, but is meant to be some form of sticky cheese with added bacon flavour (there’s also a ham-flavoured option called skinkeost). I’ve found this baconost great to keep my wrap-based lunches from being completely bone-dry and also enhance my noodle carbonara dinner recipe. As they say, when you’re hungry enough, everything becomes tasty.


I only eat breakfast first when skiing or cycling. While hiking I prefer to just eat a Clifbar first, hike for just long enough to cold soak my oats (usually 1-2 hours) and then stop for my actual breakfast. Clifbars are a bit hard to come by here in Norway (and they’re also insanely expensive), so I am currently experimenting with making my own “Clifbar”. For the time being, I’ve been using this recipe, which are good, but not dense enough for my liking.


Cooking method: boiled water, cold soak

  • 60 g instant oats
  • 20 g vanilla protein (whey) powder
  • 30 g chopped up fruit & nut mix and/or dried banana chips
  • (optional) 1 tsp peanut butter

Prep: Mix all ingredients in a ziploc bag.

Lunch or Dinner

My first ever dinner choice for bikepacking was couscous with a spice mix, but to be honest, I just find it too dry. Baconost to the rescue!


Cooking method: none

  • 2 tortilla wraps
  • sliced or cubed cheese
  • dried salami
  • baconost / mayonnaise

Prep: Mix all ingredients in a ziploc bag.


Cooking method: boiled water, cold soak

  • 80 g couscous
  • dried herbs
  • baconost

Prep: Mix couscous and dried herbs in a ziploc bag. Add baconost just before eating.

Noodle carbonara

Cooking method: boiled water, cold soak

  • 2 blocks instant noodles
  • 1 packet Knorr carbonara sauce
  • baconost

Prep: Crush the instant noodles, mix them with the Knorr carbonara powder in a ziploc bag. Add baconost just before eating.

Potato stew (lapskaus)

Cooking method: boiled water

  • 0.5 packet instant mashed potato
  • 0.5 packet Toro betasuppe (pea soup)

Prep: Keep the instant mashed potato separate from the betasuppe in ziploc bags. When preparing for eating add a cup to the betasuppe first and let it sit for a few minutes. Then add instant mashed potato and add another cup of boiled water.


There’s one thing that you’ll never see featuring in my snack bag: musli bars. One day just was the day that I decided I dislike them so much that I don’t ever want to eat one anymore. And that was that. I do like Clifbars a lot and I have recently found that crackers, although they tend to get crushed, are an absolute must as a savoury option. I would also argue that the ideal amount of chocolate per day activity is 100-150 g.

  • Clifbar / homemade energy bars (oats, nuts, peanut butter, banana, honey)
  • Snickers
  • Chocolate
  • New Energy bars
  • Crackers
  • Fruit and nut mix