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Skitour: Hardangervidda Påsketur

God Påske - Happy Easter! Honouring the Norwegian tradition we went for a Fjellskitur over the Easter holidays, crossing Norway’s largest national park, the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, and skiing (read ski-hiking) over 100 km. True tradition dictates staying at the cabins, but we opted for a more adventurous tour and carried tents. I also got to try out my DIY ski pulk.

Whilst everyone in Norway enjoys having Thursday and Friday leading up to Easter off, part of our group (including me!) are fortunate enough to also officially get Wednesday off as a company holiday. So we travelled to Ustaoset half a day ahead of the others to scout out and set up our first camp spot, and then ski some more. The goal was to find a spot within an hour from the train station, and the top of the climb overlooking the (luckily still!) frozen Ustavatnet lake delivered. Lured by the warm and bright sun and the prospect of a cool beer we skied on to the first serviced cabin along the route. Our WhatsApp group chat quickly (and to no-one’s surprise) revealed that we are a fantastically like-minded group with the others enjoying their own beers while waiting for their delayed train back in Oslo. Eventually we left the cabin to have a quick dinner at camp, before heading back down to the train station to pick up the rest of the team.

The next day the sun is burning even hotter than before and our views are white and blue. The snow conditions are unbelievably good. All of us wish we’d packed shorts and short sleeves instead of long and warm wool baselayers. Although we are staying in tents our route includes a number of serviced DNT cabins, so we try to cool down with a beer at all of them.

On day three we ski, we drink beer, we take selfies and photos of us taking selfies.

Some in our group turned out to be fantastic snow structure architects, so on day four we got to eat dinner at a “proper” table!