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I love a great opportunity to make a #birthdaycake, especially when it's an opportunity to go to town on your construction skills! My Norwegian flag cake for Norway's constitution day #syttendemai #17mai is one of my absolute favourites 🍰🇳🇴. If you're curious about how it's made check out the link to my blog post 🔝
#nowaynorway #gratulerermeddagen Gratulerer så mye med dagen Norge!
Happy constitution day Norway! #nowaynorway
😘🇳🇴 This crowd makes the 5 am wake-up call easy peasy!
#Repost (@get_repost)
The early birds rule the street. It’s a fact! Oslo Dawn Patrol in action on Tuesday. Things are getting serious now! #OsloDawnPatrol
#earlybird #landevei #vegtur #wymtm #sykkelmagasinet #norsksykling #sykkelglede #cycling #cykling #stakkarsoss #visitoslo #freshairclub #pedaldamnit #rideyourbike #foreverbuttphotos #notbeachroad #outsideisfree #roadslikethese #fromwhereiride #thecyclingculture #beautyofcycling #goroadcycling #thankyoucycling The view that made the sprinter fall in love with climbing #nowaynorway
#worldbybike #outsideisfree #fromwhereiride #womencycling


Journal articles

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